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Negative references to Pakistan removed from US bill

WASHINGTON: The US National Security Act has been issued in which positive changes in foreign policy have been indicated by removing negative references against Pakistan.

According to details, anti-Pakistan rhetoric began to change. The newly amended US National Security Act 2022 abandons anti-Pakistan policy on the Afghan issue.

The amended National Security Act removes anti-Pakistan references to the Afghan issue. Unlike the previous act, there is no mention of Pakistan’s involvement in the present act.

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The new act removes mention of Pakistan’s fabricated role in the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul during August 2021 and removes other references to Pakistan.

It should be noted that the former US National Security Act had pointed out Pakistan’s involvement in the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul but the amended act is the opposite.

A clear shift in US anti-Pakistan foreign policy is being noted during the Biden administration. Foreign affairs experts called it a positive sign for Pak-US relations.

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