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Muslim Council of Britain elects first woman secretary-general

A woman has been appointed as the first secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Zara Mohammed in a statement released by the MCB stated that her vision is to continue to build a truly inclusive, diverse, and representative body; one which is driven by the needs of British Muslims for the common good.

“Being elected as the first female Secretary-General is quite an honour and I hope it will inspire more women and young people to come forward to take on leadership roles. They are the future of this organisation and our society,” she further stated.

She succeeded the outgoing Secretary-General Harun Khan who has completed his four and a half year tenure of the organization. Mohammed has in the past served as assistant secretary-general for the MCB and holds a master’s degree in Human Rights Law. She is also a training and development consultant.

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The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is a national umbrella body with over 500 mosques, educational and charitable associations in the UK. It includes national, regional, local, and specialist Muslim organisations and institutions from different ethnic and sectarian backgrounds within British Islamic society. It is the best known and most powerful of the organisations founded to represent Britain’s Muslims. 

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