Minor student locked up over non-payment of school fees

Winter vacations for schools in Sindh announced

KARACHI: A seventh-grade student was prevented from taking lunch before and locked up alone in a room by the school administration over non-payment of school fees.

The girl’s father Muhammad Adil Ansari has taken the school’s administration to court for harassing his 12-year-old daughter. He said his daughter was made to stand for three days outside the classroom as punishment and on another instance was deprived of taking lunch by locking her in the security guard’s room.

The man has been was unable to pay his daughter’s fees for the past seven months after his livelihood was impacted due to the coronavirus lockdown. The registrar of private institutions said a committee had been formed which will probe the matter and submit a report on March 24.

The minor girl Ubair Zohra narrated her ordeal to private channel sayinf she was was forced to stand outside the class throughout the school timings and stopped from taking lunch during recess on March 18.

She said that she was even locked up alone in a room for over one hour. She added that that the school’s administrator misbehaved with her father when he arrived to inquire about the incident.

Her father said that the school principal had threatened to give his daughter’s name to the private schools association and she would never be given admission in any school. He demanded that the government and the concerned authorities should provide justice.

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