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Minal and Ahsan reportedly spent ‘millions’ on their honeymoon

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Famed Pakistani actress Minal and Ahsan Khan recently tied their knot and went on their honeymoon trip to the Maldives, has spent millions on it.

Reportedly, the duo has spent millions to make their honeymoon period best. According to sources the accommodation they were living in costs around daily rent of Rs. 320,000. Moreover, Minal and Ahsan faced backlash for spending millions on their wedding functions too which lasted several days.

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The ‘Ishq Hai’ actress’s only wedding dress cost around 6 lacs. Though, since the beginning, both Minal and Ahsan have been on the hit list of netizens. Earlier, Minal Khan’s funny memes have gone viral on social media when the actress shared her pictures from the trip in which he was wearing a green short frock and Twitterati’s fixed it according to their wishes.

Meanwhile, the couple has flagged off the criticism and shut down their comment sections on their social media accounts for mean viewers.