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#Metoo: Filmmaker Jami comes forward with shocking revelation

#Metoo: Filmmaker Jami came forward with shocking revealation
#Metoo movement provided enough strength and courage to victims to come forward and share the trauma they had endured.
In Pakistan, #metoo movement has got attention when many locals along with celebrities including Meesha Shafi broke silence.
On Sunday, film-maker Jami made a shocking revealation saying he was molested by a powerful figure in the Pakistani media industry.

In a series of tweets, Jami did not only shared his story but shared why he had been a genuine supporter of sexual harassment victims.
The operation 021 director elaborated his traumatic experience saying, “Yes it really happens and happened to me.” Like every victim, he too stayed silent and let the rapists have their way as they are always powerful.

Jami also referred to recent suicide of a college lecturer, Muhammad Afzal pinpointing one wrongful death does not indicate that all victims are liars.

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Filmmaker Jami also promised to support and stand victims of #metoo.
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