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Man blackmailed to pay Rs8 million over sexual assault case

ISLAMABAD: A wealthy individual has claimed that he has been fleeced of Rs8 million after being blackmailed by a group of criminals in connivance with the police over a sexual assault case.

On 7th September, a case was registered at the Karachi Company police station by a woman named Saima who alleged that she was sexually assaulted on two different occasions at gunpoint. A case was registered under rape and sexual assault offences.

Police arrested a suspect named Nasir Abbas within a few hours but did not disclose. The investigation officer took the suspect in a private vehicle for a few hours where he inquired about his political influence and financial conditions and a deal was reached.

After media reports, police was compelled to disclose the arrest. A model named Hina and others demanded Rs50 million to submit a confessional statement and withdraw the case. SSP Saddar Sarfraz Virk took notice and ordered an impartial enquiry which was delayed. Nasir Abbas was subsequently sent to jail on physical remand.

Due to delay in police inquiry, the group approached Nasir’s family and agreed to withdraw the case on the payment of Rs8 million. The woman who filed the case and the model who agreed for a confession statement have not been arrested so far.

Nasir’s family has raised questions over the dismal police performance and being blackmailed to make hefty payments. They have demanded higher police officials to provide them justice in the case.

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