‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ actress Bhagyashree reveals she would love to reunite with Salman Khan

source: online

Famed Indian actress Bhagyashree has revealed that she would love to reunite with heartthrob Salman Khan for any new project.

‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ is one of the top movies of 90’s, actress Bhagyashree who made her debut in 1989 reveals in an interview that she would love to work with Salman Khan again. She states that leaving film industry back then, when she was the one who made millions heart aflutter, was not an easy decision, but she does not regret it as she chose matrimony over industry.

However, the 52- years old says that it was a different time back then, as women actors had the challenging task of balancing both fronts her personal life as a wife and as an actress. “I feel lucky. I didn’t have to hide my husband. I didn’t have to regret not being able to get married. I didn’t have a late marriage. I have two wonderful children who are looking towards their careers now”, she further said.

The ‘Thalaivii’ actress further added that, It’s actually wonderful that I have both my children telling me, ‘Jaa Simran, jee le apni zindagi’ and in my case it is ‘Jaa Suman, jee lee apni zindagi’. So, I have them supporting and encouraging me to get back into work and do what I really love.” According to her if an actress failed to manage family, society or career it was looked down upon at those times.

Moreover, actress cum nutritionist reveals that post ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ every big film was offered to her and when she was asked about her rapport with Salman Khan she said that, they do meet occasionally still, she added that she would love to reunite with him on big screen as it would create a lot of conversation, “but it all depends on whether a producer or director comes to both of us with roles that we would like to do.” She asserted.

Meanwhile, Bhagyashree can be seen on screens again in her new project with Kangana Ranaut- starrer in her recently released ‘Thalaivii’.

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