LUMS students holding a ‘fake wedding’ divides Twitter

Known as the Harvard of Pakistan, the Lahore University of Management Sciences aka LUMS is famous for setting an unusual bar for Pakistanis.

Well, the students of ‘Harvard of Pakistan’ has done it again and this time throwing a ‘fake wedding’ at the campus. The video of students getting married on campus went viral. According to several videos, it turned out how two senior students were selected through votes, and how students held a three-day fake wedding function at the campus where all the rituals were performed along with the students grooving over Bollywood songs.

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However, as usual, most of the social media users were unhappy with the new trend LUMS students have just and netizens called it disgusting and should not be normalized at all costs.

However, there were social media users who were in awe with the new trend; for them , it was cute and every wedding should be held in such simple way:



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