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Lions set on fire while being moved to Lahore sanctuary

Islamabad Zoo's lions die while being moved to Lahore sanctuary
ISLAMABAD: A pair of lions from Marghazar Zoo died while being moved to a lion sanctuary in Lahore, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) confirmed.
According to a private news channel, the lions were set on fire as the zoo staff wanted to transport lion and other animals out of the facility on the Islamabad High Court’s orders.
The private news channel further reported that the condition of the lions deteriorated because of burns and suffocation. The lioness died on the way to the farmhouse, while the lion died after reaching there.
When contacted, the Islamabad Wildlife Management denied giving any information and said that they can share more information after the postmortem reports are released.
The pair of lions were both four years old when they were brought to the zoo in May 2016. They were brought from Lahore Safari Park as part of the bird and animal exchange programme.
Three blue bulls (Nilgai) and an ostrich had already died at the Islamabad zoo due to the incompetence of Zoo administration.
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