KU announces code of conduct for students

KARACHI: Karachi University’s (KU) Student Advisor Dr Syed Asim Ali informed the students that there should be no activity against the ideology of Islam and Pakistan, or national security and integrity and no interference in varsity’s administrative activities.
Advisor told that anti-social activity in the KU and use of threats and violence are highly banned. He also said that the social media activities of the students must be in accordance with ethical norms that must not incite regional and sectarian divide and refrain from abusing.
He further told that the students must keep a stern check on such external individuals who come to the university and get involved in non-academic activities.
He warned that smoking and the use and sale of Gutka, Pan, Chhalia is also strictly forbidden and will be dealt with according to the law if anyone is found involved. 
He ordered that students must respect the teachers and the nonteaching staff and cooperate with security staff for ensuring discipline. He also directed that wall chalking and posters pasting is also prohibited.
He warned that carrying and use of arms or ammunition or explosive material will strictly be prohibited as well. He mentioned that any sort of program in the varsity will need a five day prior written permission from the relevant chairman and department.
According to him, all co-curricular activities must be taken place with the guidance of the departmental student advisors. He informed that the students can not go into the residential vicinity of the university.
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