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Komal Aziz spills the beans on her wedding plans

Komal Aziz is known for her leading role in Raaz-e-Ulfat (The Current)

Actress Komal Aziz Khan has recently spilled the beans on her wedding plans that she will get married to someone out of this industry.

In a recent appearance in a take show, Komal Aziz opened up about her marriage plans. and said, “My parents have told me to get married like everyone else’s parents tell them to get married and have kids.”

According to Aziz, she will get married once she will find a nice guy. “I got convinced to get married this year because I have sort of achieved all my pre-decided goals that were to have my own business and do something better in acting,” she asserted.

Talking about her marriage, Komal said that she will get married to someone out of this industry. “I would prefer someone out of media because acting is the smallest side of my life,” she maintained. According to Aziz, she is more into entrepreneurship that’s why she will prefer someone who matches this side of hers.

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Moreover, Komal was asked if anyone from her family has worked in showbiz. She replied, “No one in my family has worked in the showbiz except for one of my relatives who is my father’s cousin named Khalid Hafeez who has appeared in the popular sitcom Guest House. And he was also criticized when he worked in this field.”

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