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Kate Middleton thanks Pakistani designer for royal tour outfit

Kate Middleton thanks Pakistani designer for royal tour outfit
LONDON: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in a heartening letter to Pakistani designer Khadija Shah said that she wished to visit Pakistan soon.
In her letter, Kate Middleton appreciated the designer for all the help before she left for the tour to Pakistan, and said she was grateful to Khadija and her team for the wonderful selection of dresses they had come up with. 
The Duchess wrote, “Having so many beautiful things did make decision making a little more difficult. Pakistan really is a wonderful country, which we enjoyed and hope to return one day too.” 

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The outfits Kate Middleton had worn attracted a lot of attention. They also garnered attention because her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, wore similar dresses in 1996 when she visited the country.
Khadija Shah posted kate’s letter on twitter, “I was delighted to have even been considered, this is just humbling to a whole different level. However what’s most commendable is the consideration, grace, and thoughtfulness of HRH Duchess Catherine.”

Earlier in October, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Pakistan on a 5-day visit.
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