Kashmiris vanish from WhatsApp as lockdown enters 124th day

SRINAGAR: The military lockdown on communication has entered the 124th day today in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).
The access to the Internet in IoK has been blocked by the Indian government for months now.
According to media reports, Kashmiris are also now gradually losing their WhatsApp accounts one by one as a result of its Facebook’s policy on inactive users.

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A US news website recently reported that on Wednesday, Kashmiris began disappearing from WhatsApp.
New Delhi revoked Article 375 of IoK on 5th August and placed a curfew, with a complete blackout of communications and arrest of thousands of citizens, especially young men, as well as political leaders.
in this regard, earlier on 5th December, Chairman of Saudi Shura Council Dr. Abdullah-ibne-Muhammad Al Sheikh called for the lifting of curfew and lockdown in IoK at the earliest.

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Speaking to Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser along with a delegation of Saudi Majlis-ash-Shura, he said that Saudi Arabia wanted resolutions of all conflicts including the Kashmir issue through dialogue.
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