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JPNA actress accused of affair with Malik Riaz’s grand SIL

LAHORE: Actress Uzma Khan who has become the latest victim of a leaked video on social media has been accused of having an affair with the grand son-in-law of the business tycoon Malik Riaz. 
Uzma Khan who got fame from the movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani,” along with her sister, their video went viral over social media when a clip popped up on the scene in which Malik Riaz’s daughter tortured Uzma Khan for having an affair with her son-in-law.
A short clip of the video that recently went viral on social media showed Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan being interrogated in a video. The woman whose voice can be heard in the video clip claims forced the two sisters to accept having an affair with her husband.

The video has been circulating all around the internet. It is said that Malik Riaz’s daughter broke into the private property of an individual. News is that she went to the extremes of throwing kerosene oil on the actress. A picture of Huma Khan’s injured feet is being widely shared on the internet.
However, people on social media have collectively condemned this incident:

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