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Jawed Sheikh partners with OTT Platform Mr Mufe Pakistan

Jawed Sheikh partners with OTT Platform Mr Mufe Pakistan

KARACHI: International Celebrity Jawed Sheikh has officially partnered with OTT Platform Mr Mufe Pakistan.

An agreement signing ceremony was held between Founder and Chairman Mr Mufe and Malaya United Films & Entertainment Hon. Dato’ Sheikh Jamal, Pride of Performance Pakistan, an International Celebrity Mr Jawed Sheikh as an Executive Director and Senior Vice President and Mr Salman Tufail of Tufail Industries as an Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Mufe Pakistan.

The relevance with the high demand of OTT platforms in the country Jawed Sheikh has announced that he will do his best and put all his efforts into the success of Mr Mufe Pakistan. He also emphasized that having a premium OTT Platform with such large scale in the country will bring new job opportunities for Local talent and creative industry workers.

Salman Tufail, Executive Director and newly appointed CEO of Mr Mufe Pakistan, discussed the opportunities for local investors and local production companies and encouraged new talents to take part in the country’s Creative industry in an active role. A number of people attended the signing Ceremony from Print and Electronic media and Business Community of Pakistan.