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Is Kashmir conflict over?

Umar Farooq

This writer is a Senior Journalist And Analyst

The Kashmir conflict has come to an end. The journey of partition of Kashmir, which started under former dictator Pervez Musharraf has been completed under the present government. Those who believe that the Kashmir issue will also be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions and the aspirations of the Kashmiris live in a fool’s paradise.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 1 announced to grant provincial statues to Gilgit-Baltistan. In the past, PM Imran Khan asserted the best solution for Kashmir is to divide it into three parts. Gilgit-Baltistan should be given to Pakistan, Ladakh should be taken over by India and Kashmir should be made independent.

After 9/11, when the world powers invaded Afghanistan under the umbrella of NATO, not only did they invade Afghanistan, but their ideology was the region and the most important and old issue in the region was Kashmir. Other powers, including the United States, believe that unless the Kashmir issue is resolved, they will not be able to dominate the region.

No matter what, the Kashmir issue is a divisive issue, according to the world powers. If they had to resolve the issue in accordance with the UN resolutions, they would not have turned a blind eye for more than seventy years. Now the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan after a humiliating defeat. Like the British government, it is inflicting a new wound on Kashmir under which Kashmiris will continue to face oppression.

The eternal sacrifices of Kashmiris had brought the Kashmir issue to this point. Now these sacrifices are being wasted by following the plan of a divided Kashmir. Pervez Musharraf came forward as a pawn of the world powers and where he represented these forces in other matters, he also pushed their agenda on Kashmir.

In October 2004, Musharraf clarified his formula for the partition of Kashmir, under which Musharraf believed that Pakistan and Indian-administered Kashmir could be divided into seven parts on geographical, linguistic and religious grounds. Then the two countries decide which parts they will have and which parts can be given autonomy.

Pervez Musharraf tried to divide Pakistan-administered Kashmir into two parts, one Azad Kashmir and the other Northern Areas (Gilgit-Baltistan). While he was in favor of making 5 parts of Indian-administered Kashmir.

The formula for the partition of Kashmir, which India followed in those two years, was almost the same as Musharraf’s. The Modi government may divide Kashmir into seven parts in the next phase. In this way, Musharraf’s formula (global agenda) of Kashmir issue may be completed, but one thing is for sure, Kashmir has been divided.

Unfortunately, the present government has also come under a global agenda and this ruler is also in the process of fulfilling the global agenda. The sensitive and emotional attitude of the nation towards Kashmir should be removed and the present government has succeeded in this to a great extent.

When India invaded Kashmir, our brave forces shot down its plane and arrested a pilot, but our government handed over Abhinandan with trembling legs. When Modi was consolidating his hold on Kashmir, we were issuing a map of Pakistan and telling the nation that Kashmir is now part of Pakistan as far as the map is concerned. When Modi was changing the proportion of population in Kashmir, we were renaming Kashmir Highway as Srinagar Highway.

If we talk about the steps taken by the incumbent government for two years with regard to Kashmir, we don’t having anything else the speech made at the United Nations. The Kashmir Committee has not yet been able to take the Kashmiri leadership into confidence about its policy.

It was our Prime Minister who stated that Modi’s victory would solve the Kashmir issue and it is clear that this solution was not in accordance with our aspirations but in accordance with the international agenda. Just as Pervez Musharraf strangled the Kashmiri Mujahideen to end the Kashmir movement, the present government, under the guise of FATF, completely rolled back the Kashmir jihadi movement and handed it over to Modi.

Kashmiris are still asking that have we given up the region? Have we reached an international deal on Kashmir issue? Are we involved in the conspiracy plan for partition of Kashmir? However, everyone knows that we have given up Kashmir.

Now, immediately after winning the elections, Narendra Modi has done the first thing to complete the constitution of his fascist party and to tear the state of Kashmir to pieces, while we continue to writ after completing the global agenda that we stand with Kashmiris. And Kashmiris still hope that our lawyer will solve our problem.

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