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Is Iqrar-ul-Hassan a victim of Ayesha Akram and Rambo’s conspiracy?

Iqrar ul Hassan apologized for supporting the TikToker with a video Tweet in which he tendered an unconditional apology for supporting Ayesha Akram (Online)

Ayesha Akram, a well-known TikToker from Lahore, became famous after her video of being harassed by a mob of men at the Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day went viral.

Her video caught the attention on social media when she sought sympathy from famous anchorperson Iqrar-ul-Hassan. However, recent revelations that surfaced on media revealed that the whole incident was preplanned by Ayesha Akram and her partner Rambo. They both were involved in the fake harassment incident. Now the enigma is did well-known anchor like Iqrar really became a victim of their heinous act or he already knew?

New twist in Ayesha Akram’s case

‘It was all Ayesha’s idea,’ said Rambo was quoted saying in an interrogation after Ayesha Akram decided to take a turn and got him arrested in the Minar-e-Pakistan assault case. Rambo, who was a TikToker and Ayesha Akram’s partner, claimed innocence and clearly said that it was not his choice to take Ayesha to Minar-e-Pakistan after authorities arrested him for ‘blackmailing’ the victim.


According to Rambo, taking Ayesha to the park was not his decision.  The accused claimed in a video statement that the TikToker was assaulted and manhandled by the heated crowd. In his version of events, he stated that he got Ayesha Akram out of Minar-e-Pakistan with much difficulty and ended up in jail for saving the girl.’

Rambo said that another person was going to visit Minar-e-Pakistan with Ayesha, but he canceled the trip at the last minute owing to his brother’s death.

Blaming Iqrar-ul-Hassan

Soon after Rambo’s statement and Ayesha’s u-turn, which was precisely taken after almost two months of the harassment incident, social media got outraged and started blaming Iqrar ul Hassan and connected him in Ayesha-Rambo’s scheme. One of the social media users posted a picture in which he made Iqrar Ul Hassan running after Ayesha Akram got exposed and the public is running after him and another anchor who was with him during the interview he conducted with Ayesha after she was harassed at the park.

Anchor says he’s sorry

Iqrar ul Hassan apologized for supporting the TikToker with a  video Tweet in which he tendered an unconditional apology for supporting Akram. “I apologize that I sided with Ayesha Ikram who started blackmail with those who exposed themselves in public. By God, it was not stubborn, I really thought that something went wrong with Ayesha and we should support her, but she sold her honor,” he wrote in his tweet.

Iqrar ul Hassan stated that he can by no means be a traitor and Pakistanis must also hold his work in thoughts that he has uncovered the actual criminals of Pakistan after placing himself into a hazard for eight years.

He further said, “If you think that Allah has ever taken a good deed from me, then forgive me for the charity of that deed. I made a big mistake in distinguishing between the oppressor and the oppressed.”

Is Iqrar playing the victim card?

Since the incident went viral, Iqrar-ul-Hassan was seen voicing support for Ayesha Akram. He was behind drawing massive criticism for interviewing the TikToker. He in his many previous videos has supported her and clearly stated that by no means a woman living in Pakistan should be treated like this and if it’s the reality check of women living in the country is then he is blessed that Allah has not bestowed him with a daughter. 

But when Ayesha and Rambo were exposed in public, public started targeting Iqrar and sought an explanation from him. He, too responded neutrally claiming that he clearly became the victim of false information. He clearly mentions that he by no means can become a traitor to his own country.