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Pakistan ranks 97th worst in Digital Quality of Life Index

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ISLAMABAD: According to Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2021, Pakistan ranked on 97th position slipping 14 spots.

The report presented by Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2021 reveals that, Pakistan ranks 85th on e-government, 66th on internet affordability and 97th in digital quality. Though, the report presented is taken from the data collected among 110 countries of the world.

Meanwhile, various initiatives are launched by Government of Pakistan to revolutionize in Digital world still it lags behind many others. The DQL Survey is conducted by the cyber security firm ‘Surfshark which ranks countries based on a set of five key digital wellbeing pillars: internet affordability, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and electronic government. 

Moreover, Pakistan is ranked 106th in terms of e-infrastructure, 98th in terms of e-security, and 85th in terms of e-government. Pakistan has experienced the highest decrease in the Digital Quality of Life 2021 index compared to 2020, befalling it from 83rd to 97th place. According to the poll conducted the internet affordability in the country has decreased by 14% and is currently 50% lower than the global average. Even it lags behind India and Iran.

However, on the other hand, Pakistan’s internet quality, is still below the worldwide average. According to the rating, Pakistan’s mobile and broadband internet speeds are slightly better than average, ranking 41st and 43rd, respectively.