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Iranian men can no longer serve women tea on TV channels

Iranian opposition sources claim Tehran has imposed new censorship rules (Shutterstock)

TEHRAN: The Iranian government has imposed new sanctions on its TV channels that bars TV makers in the Islamic Republic from showing women eating pizza on screen. 

According to a foreign news agency, Iranian censorship has issued new rules for TV channels, according to which it is forbidden to show women on the screen with pizza. In addition, the Iranian drama makers have been warned that men should not be shown serving women tea in scenes involving a workplace. 

The new rules issued by the government will not even show women with red drinks. New laws issued by the Iranian government have been ordered to be strictly enforced, otherwise, TV channels could face sanctions.

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To ensure that the strict new rules are followed, any scenes or photographs showing men and women in a domestic setting will have to be cleared by the IRIB before broadcast.  Some Iranian streaming sites will self-censor to avoid facing sanctions from authorities in Tehran. 

There are many countries in the world which are always in trend because of their peculiar laws and one such country is Iran, where there are such strange laws where people are surprised to know about them and there are many restrictions imposed on people which you are hardly aware of.

In Iran, only men are given to right to divorce and here women do not have the right to ask for a divorce from men. Apart from this, women are also prohibited from working in Iran with the consent of the husband.