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Inquiry into tampering Karachi Matric Board 2018 results put on backburner

KARACHI: Despite clear orders from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Anti-Corruption Establishment West Zone Karachi has allegedly put the inquiry into selling the results of Matriculation Board Karachi in 2018 for crores of rupees, waiver of fees and award contracts on the backburner.

Anti-Corruption Establishment West Zone Inquiry Officer Tariq Ahmed Channa has reportedly put the inquiry on the backburner. Tariq Ahmed Channa has issued a letter No.SI/ACE/WEST/2021/T-A-56 to the Secretary of the Matriculation Board on 26 February 2021.

The letter revealed that an inquiry is being held regarding the massive change in the results of Matriculation Board 2018 which has been ordered by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

The letter also stated that the complainant and (then) Controller of Examinations Khalid Ehsan of the Matriculation Board had also noticed that 200,000 students appearing for the 2018 examinations were affected by the sale of these results. 

The letter was addressed to the Secretary Matriculation Board and it was written that you are once again requested to inform Khalid Ehsan, Director Matriculation Examinations, Matriculation Board, Karachi and Adeel Pervez, Director, Information Technology (IT), Matriculation Karachi, to appear before anti-corruption office with the record in the relevant office on March 2.

Anti-Corruption had sought details of all the students from former Controller Khalid Ehsan and Director IT Adeel Pervez due to which the results were changed and also the details of ninth class results. Details of the students whose fees were waived were also sought.

The record was submitted after the issuance of this letter. However, the aforesaid Anti-Corruption Inquiry Officer Tariq Ahmed Channa has surprisingly delayed the inquiry.

It should be noted that Dr. Saeed-ud-Din, the former chairman of the Matriculation Board, had not only changed the results of the Matriculation Board on a large scale but had also appointed his close aide Adeel Pervez to the key post of Director IT.

He is still illegally posted as Director IT in the Matriculation Board. It is learned that he has built properties worth billions of rupees in different parts of the city and written complaints have also been lodged against him with the NAB.

It is learned that Dr. Saeed-ud-Din, former chairman of the Matriculation Board, not only changed the results of thousands of students in 2018 and 2019 but also waived the fees of crores of rupees due to which the Matriculation Board is also facing huge deficit.

Complaints were also made to other agencies including Anti-Corruption, NAB, FIA, after which the Sindh Chief Minister had issued instructions to inquire into the anti-corruption. Despite this, the anti-corruption officer has stopped the inquiry.

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