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Indians left furious over viral pictures of bruised soldiers beaten by PLA

source: online

INDIA: Indians have been left furious of viral pictures of their soldiers beaten black and blue by Chinese army (PLA).

The widely shared pictures over social media of Indian army showing the soldiers bruised badly standing in the long marches and Chinese troops stand on hill-side watching them pass has left the Indian public much furious over it.

The new pictures initially emerged on Chinese social media shows the events when the army officers caught during the China- India clashes in Galwan valley in the Himalayan border area 2020. However, officials said that the soldiers belonged to the 16 Bihar Regt of the Indian Army who left behind their Commanding Officer at the mercy of Chinese PLA and ran away.

source: online

The paper quoted the Chinese source and said that the Dongzhang area was China’s inherent territory, and it was entirely reasonable and legal for the Chinese border guards to patrols on their own territory.

It rejected the Indian media’s hype about Chinese soldiers being detained for “crossing the line” and termed it false and inconsistent with the facts. The paper pointed that the responsibility rested entirely with the Indian side.

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Earlier, the standoff between India and China has been continuing since early 2020. While according to defence analyst, the images have been released by China, following Indian media’s propaganda he further added, “The pictures are clear evidence of how the cowardly Indians were defeated by the Chinese army while hundreds were captured as they could not resist the great PLA.”

Meanwhile, according to the news sources over 100 PLA soldiers crossed the border at Barahoti in Uttarakhand last month and damaged some infrastructure.