Indian Supreme Court suspends implementation of new agriculture laws

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court of India has stayed the implementation of new agriculture laws against which thousands of farmers were protesting.

The court has directed that a four-member committee of agricultural expertise formed to negotiate with the farmers. The Supreme Court remarked that the court has the power to suspend the laws.

Millions of farmers in India are protesting against the implementation of three new farming bills, which will change the rules of agribusiness. According to the head of the Indian Farmers Union, the sit-in will continue till the government withdraws the bill.

Protesters say that the Indian government wants to engage farmers in a new round of talks on agricultural laws. The Indian Parliament had introduced three agriculture bills in September 2020 which were immediately given legal status.

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One is ‘Agricultural Production Trade and Commerce Act 2020’ and the other is ‘Farmer (Empowerment and Protection) Agricultural Service Act 2020’ which includes price assurances and agreements. The third law is the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act.

The government claims that the reforms being made to these laws will be a turning point for the agriculture sector. The opposition has called the laws anti-farmer, saying they would be a death signal for farmers.

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