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India restores incoming SMS in IoK after 4 months of curfew

SRINAGAR: The Indian government has restored incoming text messages in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) after four months of curfew in the valley.
According to officials in Delhi, people in IoK will be able to receive service messages from Wednesday, including one-time passwords from financial institutions.

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Communications blacked out in IoK which included cutting landlines, mobile phones, and internet access since 5th August has badly hit locals and businesses.
Passwords sent by SMS are widely used for many online purchases and financial transactions in the South Asian nation.

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Companies and customers had complained the clampdown meant they were suddenly unable to conduct simple, day-to-day transactions.
Earlier in October, texting services were restored along with mobile phone lines but then cut again by authorities a few hours later.

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Indian and Pakistan have disputed Kashmir since they became independent and split in 1947, with the nuclear rivals fighting two out of three wars over the mountainous region.
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