Human trafficking revealed in Hyderabad  

KARACHI: Offering them good jobs, nearly 25 organized groups lured dozens of teenage girls to Hyderabad, and forced them to work as prostitutes, it has been revealed.

According to details, the girls, who were brought in after the recovery process on court orders, revealed young girls from Punjab and other areas were lured with job offers by influential people and then forced to work as prostitutes.

The recovered girls informed that they were lured from Punjab to Hyderabad to work in a beauty parlor. “We were subjected to severe torture and forced to work as prostitutes,” they added.

Sources have informed that the organized groups have established booking offices and have hired men and women as recruiting and sales agents who manage their prostitution network.

Sources further said that clients are shown pictures of prostitutes and are offered various packages, including the availability of hashish, liquor, and hotel rooms.

Relevant sources claimed that brothels are set up in various areas of Hyderabad including Qasimabad, Naseem Nagar, Bhattai Nagar, Auto Bhan Road, Hussainabad, Station Road, Pahlili, Site, and Baldia.

Meanwhile, the sources also claimed that the district police are also receiving a huge bribe in this regard, while Hyderabad administration has not taken any action against the heinous business despite complaints from area residents.

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