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Holidays of coronavirus

Albert Arooj Bhatti

Almighty Allah has blessed Pakistan with abundant blessings. People of Pakistan are also blessed with the most unique and distinct ability in the world to think and understand, through which we find quick solutions to every problem. We have also taught Corona a strict lesson that it cannot touch anyone without the consent of the government.
The outbreak of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan didn’t gain much attention as expected. After which the disease spread to Europe and other countries and gained major respect.
The whole world took stern steps to contain the coronavirus pandemic, like precautionary measures and lockdown. And then the virus reached Pakistan, where so-called physicians developed various treatments for the disease.
After the first corona case reported in Karachi, a storm broke out in the country. The rulers of Sindh forbade rest on themselves and immediately closed educational institutes in order to stop coronavirus from studying because if Corona could have caused so much havoc by being illiterate, going to school coronavirus could become more dangerous.
After introducing easing in lockdowns, every citizen appeared to call coronavirus a mere rumor and the rumor mills did their job well. The coronavirus panic became heightened to the point that people preferred to go underground instead of going to the hospital despite being infected with the virus. Today, every little corner of the country is affected by this epidemic as a result of our joint efforts.
Coronavirus has affected nearly 7 million people in the world, so how could we Pakistanis be behind from anyone? If we had wanted to contain the outbreak after the first case came to light in Pakistan, we could have taken out a complete record of those who came from abroad in those days and tested them. Ee could have stopped this epidemic from spreading. But we didn’t.
First the government opened shops, then entire markets and malls. And by the grace of Allah, the people suffering from hunger and poverty happily violated the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Social distancing was eagerly ignored by the people of Pakistan.
In response to the spread police set up roadblocks to catch the coronavirus. The roads on which cars could drive at full speed were narrowed such that only one vehicle could pass. Such a brilliant strategy could hardly have come to the minds of the top brass of any other country. 
Luckily, the coronavirus that reached Pakistan in February has not been brought under control yet and today, after the best efforts of our government and people, we have crossed the one lakh mark and left many countries behind.
In view of the increasing speed of coronavirus, we (Pakistanis) have reached an agreement with Corona that from Monday to Friday, it would not infect anyone. However, Saturday and Sunday will be the days coronavirus will get back to work. Therefore, people are free and safe from Monday to Friday because today the coronavirus is on holiday.
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