Hit-and-run incident: Police arrest two Indian High Commission employees

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police arrested two Indian High Commission officials after running over a man and critically injuring him.
According to police, a car hit a pedestrian who was walking on the embassy road at around 8:00 am and attempted to flee, however, police arrested them.
The pedestrian was critically injured and shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Sources said the car was stopped by a huge crowd of people who handed over the two men to Islamabad Police. After they were arrested, police disclosed that the two persons were officials of the Indian High Commission.
Eyewitnesses said the car was being driven irresponsibly and had gotten out of control due to overspending. The victim was walking on the footpath on the road when he was run over by the car.
On the other hand, the ‘Times of India’ featured a report earlier today, stating that two officials of the Indian High Commission ‘had gone missing’ in Islamabad.
According to the report, “The officials were out for an official work before they went missing. The Indian government has taken up the matter with Pakistani authorities.”
On May 14, India declared two officials of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi “persona non grata requiring them to leave India within 24 hours” alleging that they had been found guilty of espionage.
Pakistan had condemned the Indian government’s decision to expel the staff members as part of “persistent anti-Pakistan propaganda”.
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