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Here’s what Iqrar-ul-Hassan has to say about Dua Zehra’s case


Well-known anchor Iqrar-ul-Hassan has just revealed some shocking revelations about Dua Zehra’s case in a newly released video message.

In the video, Hassan stated that he has not said anything regarding Dua Zehra’s case till now because he did not have any proof to talk on such a sensitive topic. “Today I am going reveal some shocking details regarding Dua Zehra’s case,” he said.

“According to my investigation, unfortunately, Dua Zehra has been kidnapped by a gang. Because of her parents, the way they shared the news on social media and reached court, this is the reason that Dua Zehra has not been sold to anyone yet and Zaheer has kept her as a wife at his home,” he revealed.

“I know a lot of people like Zaheer who trap girls like Dua Zehra and then ultimately they are handed to the next gang for prostitution and other acts of immorality,” he shared.

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“Hats off to Dua’s parents who raise the matter on social media and saved their daughter from such situation. The investigation is still under process and I’ll provide proof shortly,” added Iqrar.

Iqrar further mentioned that he tried a lot that Dua Zehra could meet her parents this Eid, even her parents agreed to meet her and he assured Zaheer’s family that everything will be decided according to their will but Zaheer and his family refused, saying that Dua hates her parents and she does not want to meet them, he maintained.

“From now onwards, I’ll make this topic a topic of discussion and I’ll make sure that no other girl would be trapped the way Dua Zehra has been by Zaheer and his gang. May Allah protects each and every daughter of this country,” he concluded.

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