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Herbal medicine for ‘weak nerves’

‘Asabi kamzori’, which means weak nerves, is a disorder that has become common among youth.

Once only older people were affected by such condition, however, it has become quite common among youngsters now. The symptoms of nervous weakness include:

Racing heart

Feeling dizzy

Sense of terror  

Chest pains

Breathing difficulties

Feeling a loss of control


However, with few ingredients, such difficulties can be controlled within no time by using this magical herbal medicine.

All you need is:

Asgand Nagori 50g 

Akarkara (Anacyclus Pyrethrum) 20g

Methi Dana (Fenugreek Seed) 20g

Daar Cheeni (Cinnamon) 10g 

How to make:

Take 4 to 5 sticks of Asgand Nagori in the grinder. This ingredient makes bones strong and beats tiredness. 

Add 3 to 4 sticks Akarkara to the mixture. 

Add half a teaspoon of daar cheeni, which is best in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar.

Place another teaspoon of methi danain the grinder.

Grind all the ingredients together, until it turns into powder form.

Take ne teaspoon this herbal medicine after eating seheri and aftaari with water.

You can consume magic medicine with water thrice a day after Ramzan. Use half a teaspoon after Ramzan.