Kangana Ranaut proposes strict punishment for parents having third child

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is famous for her provocative statements, has come with yet another controversial comment.

The Thalaivi actress took to Twitter and proposed a suggestion for punishing parents for giving birth to a third child in order to control the country’s population.

The actress has demanded that parents should be punished for giving birth to a third child to control the population in India.  Kangana Ranaut has written that strict laws should be made to control the population. 

According to her, Indira Gandhi lost the election and was later killed for raising the issue. The actress wrote that in view of the current crisis, parents should be jailed or at least fined for giving birth to a third child. 

The actress’ statement on social media is being heavily criticized as the users are mocking her that she also has two siblings.


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