Harreem Shah claims Farooq Sattar came to meet her

KARACHI: TikTok star Hareem Shah has revealed the real story of her meeting with MQM Pakistan leader Dr. Farooq Sattar.
Talking in a private show, the TikTok star said that it was Farooq Sattar who came to meet her. “I had not gone to meet him,” she maintained.
Explaining the details, Hareem Shah said that Farooq Sattar had earlier told her that whenever she visits Karachi, she will be his guest. She continued, “If someone wants to meet me, interested in meeting me, then how did I go anything wrong in a meeting?

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Shah claimed that she did not go to Farooq Sattar nor did I call him. Moreover, she revealed, “I will meet anyone who wishes to meet me.” Hareem Shah said that to date the personalities with whom I took made TikTok videos or snapped pictures were based on the consent.
Recently, a video surfaced on social media of Dr. Farooq Sattar meeting up with the TikTok star. The two were seen posing to the camera for pictures and are sitting right next to each other on the sofa in a room. The location of this meet-up is unknown.
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