Hania Aamir posts mysterious tweet on Asim Azhar after video backlash

Hania Aamir posts mysterious tweet on Asim Azhar after video backlash

LAHORE: Pakistani star Hania Aamir has posted a mysterious tweet in response to what many are speculating to be her ex-boyfriend Asim Azhar.

Taking to Twitter today (Sunday), the actress seemed to take a jab at the singer as she wrote, “You can either be a celebrity or a bitter ex with no dignity.”

The tweet comes a day after Singer Asim Azhar posted a tweet himself, seemingly suggesting that his break up with the Hania Amir was “a narrow escape”. His tweet was in response to a viral video of Hania which sparked controversy over its questionable content.

The video of Hania Aamir with Aashir and Nayel Wajahat, sons of famous film director Wajahat Rauf stirred controversy on social media. In the viral video, Hania can be seen lying on Aashir’s chest and singing his song ‘Kyun’ along with Wajahat brothers.

In this regard, Hania Aamir shared a heart-wrenching note to express her feelings. Taking to the photo-sharing app, the Dil Ruba star shared a clip of herself in tears with a caption reading, “Just another day surviving in a misogynist world where double standards have power over innocence and where coexisting with difference of opinion is not a thing.”

The actor then reinstated how her initial video merely showed her affection towards her loved ones, but clearly, the opposite is acceptable in the world we live in. “Where a woman showing affection to her loved ones is wrong but a man ejaculating on a woman’s picture on video on the internet is re-tweeted and made viral content.

“Just another day surviving, hope you all are doing well in this disgusting world and keeping your goodness intact. Someone else’s evil shouldn’t ruin your goodness,” she concluded.

Nevertheless, fellow actors and social media celebs lent their support to Hania on the comment section of her response post. “Small men with small minds and fragile egos will forever remain tiny, irrelevant and insignificant,” wrote Ali Rehman Khan.