Hania Aamir gets trolled on social media over friend-zoning Asim Azhar 

RAWALPINDI: Actress Hania Aamir is being trolled on social media over friend-zoning singer Asim Azhar. 
The news surfaced during a live session between the singer and Hania’s best friend Aima Baig. During the session, Aamir was asked about her relationship with Asim Azhar, to which she replied, “We are friends but we are not together.”

She continued to say, “We are not dating, we are not a couple, as far as relationship is concerned I am not with anyone,” Hania declared. She further added, “Yes I made an appearance in his latest music video and he is also helping me in one of my own music songs.

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However, we are there for each other as a friend, the actress said by adding, “But as long as a relationship I am single.”
However, Aamir’s statement of denying her relationship with Azhar triggered the outrage on social media: 

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