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Governor Sindh denies dog given protocol, says his family was in vehicle

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has denied that a dog was given protocol in an official vehicle after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

In a video statement, the governor clarified said incident is ‘false and based on lies,” adding that his family including his wife and daughter were in the vehicle.

The governor also condemned filming the private video of his family, saying the person who shot the video had committed a “completely wrong act”.

He said the protocol and police escort was security provided to his family which they were entitled to and was a routine matter. He said the presence of a dog in the vehicle was not a serious issue.

Governor Sindh also criticised those who filmed the video and say he was part of a ‘corrupt system’ and faced immense accusations against him. He advised him to instead face the accusations in court rather than claiming that he was right.

A video of a dog riding in a vehicle of the Governor House went viral on social media. The dog can be seen with its head hanging out of the window while a police vehicle riding alongside.

Sindh Minister for science and technology Taimur Talpur who was passing by made a video of the dog enjoying the ride with the rear window open, and can be heard taunting the PTI-led government for the act.

In a telephonic interview with a media channel, Talpur said that he filmed the video after he came out of the Chief Minister House after a meeting.

He said the public does not have enough to eat and a dog is enjoying a ride in an official vehicle with police escort, adding the said this practice needs to be discouraged. He said he was a dog lover but had never taken his dog on a ride in an official car.