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Goods transporters demand reduction in fuel prices

LAHORE: Naeem Ahmad Shah, central leader of All Pakistan Goods Transport Owners Association, has said that the government should announce a reduction in the prices of electricity, gas and petrol.

The prices of electricity, gas, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products have been brought to such a level that the lives of the people have become impossible. He expressed these views while talking to Muhammad Azhar Qadri, Haji Muhammad Arif, Haji Azhar Siraj, Chaudhry Gul Sher Waraich, Mian Tahir Mahmood, Mian Tayyab Younis, Mian Mohsin Younis, Mian Amir Mushtaq, Mian Sarmad Naveed, Mian Amir Ikram, Abdul Rehman Wattoo and others.

The people are suffering from economic and social problems due to the incompetence of the rulers. He said that Imran Khan’s promises do not seem to be fulfilled. He said that on the one hand inflation has made life difficult for the poor people and on the other hand business people have become mentally ill due to poor business conditions.

The common man is suffering from various problems. Before coming to power, PTI dreamed of giving milk and honey to the people and now the burden of inflation has been imposed on the people to such an extent that it has become difficult for the poor to maintain body and soul relationships. Take immediate action in the wider interests of the people, he demanded.