Girl accuses policeman of sexual assault in Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: A girl has accused a policeman of sexually assaulting her during an investigation into a case in Gujranwala.

The victim released a video narrating her ordeal accusing Assistant Superintendent (ASI) Mubashir of sexually assaulting her at their residence. She said she had an altercation with her neighbour after which she called the police to record a complaint.

ASI Mubashir, along with other policemen, came to their residence to investigate the matter. The police officer asked the family who would record their statement in the case. The girl said she would record her statement after which the policeman told the family members to leave the room.

The girl said policemen asked her about the dispute with the neighbour and then attempted to sexually assault her. The girl said the policeman had come to investigate another case but ended up committing the atrocious act.

The girl’s parents were then taken to Gujranwala Cantt. police station and kept there for over seven hours. She said the policeman threatened her and denied sexually assaulting her.

The girl urged to provide justice saying her father works as a labourer and the family does not have the influence to pursue the case. She urged CPO Gujrwanwala, IG Punjab, and the chief minister to take action against the policeman and give him an exemplary punishment.

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