French president loses temper with Israeli security guards

French president loses temper with Israeli security guards
JERUSALEM: As French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Old City of Jerusalem on Wednesday, he also followed in the footsteps of Jacques Chirac, one of his predecessors, by engaging in a heated debate with Israel’s security guards.
The incident erupted when Israeli police and domestic security officers pushed past the French President and were first to reach the Church of Saint Anne, which under international treaties is a French territory.

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“We all know the rules. I don’t like what you’ve done in front of me,” an angry Macron ordered the Israeli staff to enter the building, speaking in English, in a crowd.
The video showed Macron, jostled under an archway leading into the church in the center of a crowded circle between his own protective detail and Israeli security personnel, including several uniformed paramilitary police.

Talking to reporters later, Macron said the incident had ended pleasantly and that he shook hands with Israeli security authorities. Israeli police said that when Macron came at the church “there was a debate” between Israeli and French security officials about coming in with the president.
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