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France calls on Arab countries to end boycott

PARIS: France has called on Arab countries to end boycotts of its products.

The French Foreign Ministry said that the ‘baseless’ announcement of a boycott of French products is being fueled by an extremist minority. French products have been removed from stores in several countries, including Kuwait, Jordan, and Qatar, in protest of French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti- Islamic policies.

The boycott campaign involves all members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The campaign on social media is calling for a boycott of French products from Arab countries and supermarkets in Turkey in a campaign with #BoycottFrenchProducts.

There have also been protests in Libya, Syria, and Gaza following the French president’s remarks. France has called on Middle Eastern countries to end their boycott of French products.

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Following President McKeown’s recent remarks, a campaign to boycott French products has gained momentum in many Muslim countries, especially in the Middle East.

The boycott campaign began when the French president spoke out in response to the assassination of a French teacher for showing controversial sketches of the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

The president defended the publication of sketches by saying that Islam had become a ‘religion of crisis’ around the world and that his government would strengthen the 1905 law separating religion and state in December.