France imposes month-long curfew to curb COVID-19

PARIS: France has imposed a month-long curfew in the country including in order to curb coronavirus.

According to details, the restaurants, bars, and cafes were crowded before the curfew started at midnight in Paris and other cities. The curfew is aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus infections in France, which is one of Europe’s coronavirus hotspots.

The affected cities besides Paris include Lyon, Marseille, Lille, and Toulouse. All eateries and cinemas are closed; however, food outlets can still provide night-time deliveries.

Marriage celebrations and other public gatherings are also banned. In case someone has to walk or jog, they will be requiring a signed permit, which can be downloaded onto a phone.

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France has deployed around 12,000 police officers specifically to implement the curfew. The fine for violating rules will be €135 (£122) and a repeat offender could face six months in prison and a €3,750 fine.

Covid-19 has taken the lives of more than 32,000 people in France, which is among the highest death tolls in Europe. Several European countries are experiencing a second wave of coronavirus with the Netherlands returning to a partial lockdown. 


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