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FPCCI to support economic reforms in Balochistan


KARACHI: Rafiullah Kakar, Director of high-powered Strategic Planning and Reforms Cell (SPRC) of the Government of Balochistan, has visited FPCCI Headquarters at the Federation House Karachi along with top officials of the cell. He gave a detailed presentation to the FPCCI officials, office bearers, and prominent business leaders.

Kakar said that the Government of Balochistan has an across the board consensus that the way forward for an inclusive, egalitarian, fast-track, and sustainable economic and commercial development of the province is only possible through the proven, progressive and world-class mechanism of Public-Private Partnership (PPP); adapted by many countries and have yielded socioeconomic gains the world over.

M.A. Jabbar, former VP FPCCI, acknowledged that Public-Private Partnership programs can play vital role in not only developing the economic, social and commercial infrastructure; but also by the means of educating and empowering the masses through creating enormous employment opportunities on a continuing basis. He added that ingenuity, indigenous nature and local ownership make the progress sustainable and socially uplifting.

Jabbar also proposed that SPRC Board should also include a representative of FPCCI in the board to expedite the progress on the projects through relaying concerns of the investors and entrepreneurs in a timely and effective manner right to the top through apex body representing the trade, industry and service sectors.

Haji Jamaluddin Achakzai, a prominent business personality from Balochistan, demanded that the Government of Balochistan should provide the land for dry ports in the province; specifically in the border areas and border markets for trade with the regional countries. He added that the prerequisite infrastructure, utilities, and security should also be provisioned to make the dry ports successful and fully operational for which Public-Private Partnership can play an important role.

Haji Muhammad Yaqoob, prominent business leader of SMEs, proposed that the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should be given preference in Public-Private Partnership projects as they need the most support and are true engines of economic growth and employment generation. He also proposed that presentation and policy document of SPRC should be translated and printed in Urdu; and, circulated to all chambers and associations across Pakistan in order to attract participation in projects under Public-Private Partnership mode.

Sultan Rehman, former VP FPCCI, appreciated the enthusiasm, preparedness and attention-to-detail of the SPRC officials. He said that the team has come to the right platform as FPCCI is the representative apex chamber of the entire Pakistan; and, FPCCI will fully support their initiatives and facilitative mechanism being offered to the private-sector. He expressed his optimism that business community will be able to come up with proposals that can be effectively materialized in the short-term, i.e. 1-3 years. He further said that including FPCCI in the board will help in objective development of projects; which may include dealing with many federal regulatory agencies as FPCCI’s institutional presence will be helpful in steering towards objectives.



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