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Former cricketers Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar trade barbs

This is not the first time Akram has taken a jibe at Akhtar (ONLINE)

Former Pakistani cricketers, Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, who was once regarded as some of the finest fast bowlers in the world, have recently taken digs at each other on media.

It all started when Wasim Akram lashed out at Shoaib Akhter during an interview, “I don’t know why people take Shoaib Akhtar’s statements so seriously, If someone has no ‘Tameez’, then he doesn’t know anything in life,” Wasim Akram was quoted saying. Waseem Akram also claimed several times that how he witnessed Shoaib Akhtar dancing in the club shirtless. 

Now, Shoaib Akhtar while deciding to clap back at Akram in a recent interview shared how he picked up the habit from his ‘seniors’, case in point, Akram himself. Shoaib said “I have heard Wasim Akram complain in interviews about how he caught me at a club. But can someone ask him if he ever – in 14 years – grabbed me by the ear and took me to the gym?”

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Akhtar in an interview also talked about Wasim Akram’s double standards and his negative mentorship. “Wasim Akram himself has spent his entire life at clubs. I used to get injections for my knee problem so couldn’t do that often. But if I went to the club once in a blue moon, what’s the big deal?” 

This is not the first time Akram has taken a jibe at Akhtar. In March 2020, Akram and Akhtar were caught in a friendly banter on social media.