Flour in Sindh is cheaper than other provinces: Nasir Hussain Shah

SINDH: Sindh Information Minister, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that there is no shortage of wheat in the country and flour in Sindh is cheaper than other provinces.
Nasir Hussain Shah along with legal adviser Murtaza Wahab during a press conference in the Sindh Assembly said Chief Minister Sindh had directed strict crackdown against hoarders.
The provincial minister said that they want to create facilities for the people, no one will be allowed to exploit the people. “We have also provided wheat to other provinces at their request, but the wheat sent for the people of our country should not go abroad,” he added.
He further said the wheat crisis has been created in the past under conspiracy. “We request the federal government to show seriousness,” he said.
Shah said that the Sindh government releases wheat to the flour mill owners in the month of September every year, But we are being pressured by the federation to release wheat ahead of time. We cannot make any decision against the interest of the people”.
Sindh province has always sacrificed for the people of the country with an open heart, but reports of wheat smuggling in Afghanistan are worrisome.
In the past, low-quality wheat was imported from abroad, which is unbearable, he added. He appealed to the federation to take care of the needs of the people of the country while formulating the export policy.
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