Fatima Bhutto urges to allow Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto said Pakistan must allow Afghan refugees. Source: Instagram.

Fatima Bhutto has urged Pakistan to allow Afghan refugees in the country as the situation worsens in the war-ravaged country.

“Pakistan must allow refugees in. We cannot turn a blind eye to the crisis unfolding and must give entry and aid,” she said in a statement on Twitter.

“From my heart, I hope we will one day be true to our origins, and will always be a country of sanctuary to those in need,” she said in another statement while wishing the nation on Independence Day.

The writer and columnist, who was born in Kabul, said Pakistan was a country of refuge and must be true to its founding values.

“On August 14, I would like to see Pakistan being true to our founding values: we were born as a country of refuge.”

“We must never forget that people saying things like “Afghans don’t like Pakistan” has nothing to do with anything. There is an emergency, people are in need, we have a moral duty to offer shelter and care.”

While referring to news about a clash at the Pakistan-Afghan border where hundreds of Afghans fleeing violence, Bhutto said she was “saddened” by the situation. 

“As a Pakistani, I am beyond saddened to see this image. We have a moral duty to help our Afghan brothers & sisters.”

“The Afghans who have lived in our country are hard working, kind people who have enriched where ever they lived. I personally appeal to the state to open our doors.”

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