Fake CTD inspector gets caught from Karachi

source: online

KARACHI: During a raid conducted in Mobina Town a fake Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) inspector has been caught.

According to news sources, on Wednesday fake sub-inspector calling himself, a CTD official gets caught. Police informed that the inspector used to blackmail and threaten citizens and received huge amounts in the name of extortion.

Moreover, the suspect arrested is known as Masood, and a case against him is registered. Earlier, The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has arrested three terrorists along with Tehreek-e-Taliban’s commander during the raid.

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However, a raid carried out by CTD in Islamabad results in the arrest of three terrorists and a TTP commander on charges of millions worth of extortion from businessmen and private educational institutions.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the suspects used to threaten via letters, from which one of the letters mentioned that, they also have kidnaped Yousaf Raza Gillani’s son from the crowd. Senior Superintendent of Police mentions that the terrorist also has their accomplices in Afghanistan who will also be arrested soon

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