ETO Islamabad impounds 30 vehicles stolen in Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: Almost 30 vehicles stolen from Rawalpindi and its adjoining area were impounded by Excise and Taxation Office (ETO) Islamabad.  

Talking to M.M News, Director Excise and Taxation Bilal Azam informed that during the last three to four months 30 vehicles stolen from Rawalpindi were impounded by the ETO when they were brought to the office for either registration or transfer.

ETO Director further said he was informed that stolen vehicles from other parts of the county were being brought to ETO Islamabad for either registration or transfer. In this regard, he arranged training of his staff to identify vehicles with tampered engine and chassis numbers.

“As a result, the ETO staff identified 30 tampered with vehicles and impounded them. All the vehicles were later given to the Rawalpindi police for handing over to their actual owners,” he added.

Bilal Azam also said the auto-thieves tampered with the engine and chassis numbers of vehicles and brought them to the ETO for registration.

Referring to the E-court system, he said that they have started the e-court system, in which all kinds of issues related to the registration of citizens will be resolved immediately. “We are also launching an online tax system that will benefit citizens and enable them to pay their car taxes at home,” he added.

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