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Dragged to death case: Why didn’t victim’s friend inform police?

We all are aware of the horrific Sultanpuri accident that happened in Delhi, the capital of India on New Year’s Eve.

Now, Nidhi, the friend of Anjali, who died after being hit and dragged by a car for 12 km, claimed that the men aboard the vehicle were well aware that she was stuck in the undercarriage but deliberately dragged her along.

The concern rises that why Nidhi being the witness of the whole incident kept quiet and did not file an FIR or inform the police.

Who was Anjali and how was she killed?

Anjali Singh was a twenty-year-old woman who was brutally killed in a hit-and-run accident on New Year’s eve in Delhi, worked at an event management company.  

On December 31 evening, Anjali left her home in Aman Vihar to attend a New Year’s Eve party. At around 9 pm, Anjali informed her family that she would return home late at night.

Anjali’s scooty was hit by a car and its occupants, instead of getting down and helping the accident victim, fled the spot.

Her body got stuck in the car wheel and she was dragged for around 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala.

Autopsy report

The police found the body with extensive injuries, clothes were torn apart and both the legs were separated from the body. The body belonged to Anjali.

The autopsy report stated the provisional cause of death as shock & hemorrhage due to antemortem injury to the head, spine, left femur, and both lower limbs.

All injuries occurred due to blunt force impact and possibly with a vehicular accident and dragging. Also, the report indicates that there is no injury suggestive of sexual assault.


The police arrested five people who were in the car. The arrested accused have been identified as Deepak Khanna (26), Amit Khanna (25), Krishan (27), Mithun (26) and Manoj Mittal (27).

The accused claimed that they did not know that the woman was stuck in the car wheels and they only realised it while taking a turn on the road. During questioning with police, they told that they fled the spot after seeing the woman’s body.

On investigation, the police found that another girl had accompanied Anjali Singh to the New Year party and was sitting behind on the same scooty, named Nidhi. After the car allegedly hit the scooter, the girl fell and her friend Anjali went home in horror to see her being dragged under the car.

Nidhi’s statement

On investigation, the police found that another girl named Nidhi had accompanied Anjali Singh that night. After the car allegedly hit the scooter, the girl fell and her friend Anjali went home in horror to see her being dragged under the car.

Speaking to the media, the victim’s friend Nidhi said, “Balino hit us on the head. I fell to one side and she fell to the front. My friend got stuck under the car, people in the car knew she was under their car. The girl was trapped under the car and it was driving. I went home scared.

Why did she keep quiet?

Asked why she did not inform Anjali’s mother or the police, she said she was scared and feared that she would be blamed for it. “I got scared. All blame would have come on me, so I kept quiet but the car occupants even didn’t stop or tried to save her. I cannot forget what happened that night..,” she added.

Outrage on social media

Massive outrage continued over the horrific death of Anjali on social media, let’s have a look:

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