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‘Digital Driving License’ system introduced in Punjab

LAHORE: The government of Punjab has introduced ‘Digital Driving License’ for the first time which will simplify the process of obtaining a driving license.
With the collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board and Police Officer Rawalpindi, the digital driving license system will ease the annoyance of citizens by issuing driving licenses only on Identity Cards (ID) cards instead of a long cycle of paperwork.
With this new system, citizens whose driving licenses have expired will also be able to get their licenses back through the digital driving license system.
Following the digital driving license system, citizens will only have to submit their national identity card and bank challan, in addition to which they will not require any documents.
It is to be noted that before the system was introduced, the citizens had to wait in the long queues to get their driving license. However, the process took months and excessive documentation which at times was a hassle for applicants.
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