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Dawlance offers longest 4-year PCB cards warranty in Pakistan

Dawlance offers longest 4-year PCB cards warranty in Pakistan

KARACHI: Dawlance has a long-standing history of being Pakistan’s most reliable brand and this legacy continues with its unique new offering a 4-year warranty on PCB cards installed in their inverter air conditioners.

Moreover, Dawlance also offers a 12-year warranty on its AC compressors, making it the only brand in Pakistan to provide the longest warranty period. The PCB card and compressor is an essential and expensive component responsible for the efficient functioning of an air conditioner.

Therefore, Dawlance installs the most dependable PCB cards and compressors in its products, promising up to 60% conservation of energy resulting in lesser environmental damage as well as significant cost reduction in consumers’ electricity bills.

PCB card malfunctioning is a common problem faced by consumers in Pakistan and the cost of replacing their malfunctioning PCB cards is Rs.15,000 to 25,000 depending on the size. Dawlance’s4 year-warranty has eliminated this issue to relieve its customers.

Thus, its inverter ACs ensures the most reliable performance with unmatched efficiency in its cooling and heating inverter mechanism. Hence, DawlanceACs are fully covered in terms of maintenance cost and repair or replacement expenses, in the rare case of malfunction in these two components.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Dawlance, Syed HasanJameel stated; “The longest duration of Dawlance warranties is an unprecedented facility, reflecting the company’s confidence in its products’ durability, performance and its highly responsive customer-care”.

Being an industry-leading brand –Dawlance also enjoys great credibility as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the largest enterprise in Turkey and the 3rd largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe.

Another revolutionary technology in the new Dawlance inverter ACs is the “Self-Cleaning Function”. It keeps the ACs thoroughly cleaned from the inside, at all times, to protect the components from dust and pollen, while ensuring that the air in your home remains hygienic.

Similarly, ‘SYNC’ is another Smart-Application developed for DawlanceACs. It enables the consumers to control and monitor their ACs, on the go, from anywhere in the world and minimize their electric bills.

Arçelik had acquired Dawlance in 2016 and has already made foreign investments of over 50 Million Euros, to enable more innovations, expansions, research and brand-enrichment.

With greater access to resources, multinational experience and highly responsive service, Dawlance has not only achieved global standards in quality, customer care, safety and environmental sustainability but has also set a benchmark for other brands in Pakistan.