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Cricket Board should also organize events for disabled players: Malik Sher Khan

Pakistan and cricket have become necessary, every young man full of enthusiasm for the homeland dreams of becoming a cricketer in his eyes but most young people fail to put their intentions into practice and there are many who are disabled. Despite this, they manage to make their unique place in the world of sports.

One such youngster from Mansehra who shines on the horizon of cricket in Karachi is the disabled league spinner Malik Sher Khan who has made a name for himself in cricket instead of forcing his disability.

MM News organized a special session to know the story of this young man’s struggle and success journey, the story of which is dedicated to the readers. 

MM News: Despite your disability, you play cricket really well. Did you ever face any problem competing with full-fit players?  

Malik Sher Khan: Competitions for the disabled are suspended in the country due to the coronavirus, but I prefer to play with fit players and I never have any problems. 

MM News: Are you satisfied with the match fee you get after playing all day despite your disability?

Malik Sher Khan: It is very difficult to play all day despite being disabled. Sometimes a team plays but never gets anything.

MM News: What is the normal fee for a match from PCB?

Malik Sher Khan: If it is a PCB event, I have to play in it all day and I get a match fee of Rs. 500 but in local matches I get Rs. 200 to 250.

MM News: How do you stand and umpire all day despite your leg disability?

Malik Sher Khan: I have a burden on myself and my family and to carry this burden I try to meet the expenses in one way or another by playing or umpiring, I have to do everything under pressure.

MM News: How important is a leg spinner in any cricket team?

Malik Sher Khan: In cricket, a leg spinner is very important and a league spinner is the lifeblood of a team. Every team must have a league spinner who can turn the tide of a match at any time.

MM News: Which league spinner inspired you to enter the field of leg-spin?

Malik Sher Khan: I have been interested in cricket since my childhood but my favorite bowler in leg spinner is Yasir Shah and I try to learn by watching his videos.

MM News: How do you maintain your fitness with one leg paralyzed?

Malik Sher Khan: It is my habit to get up in the morning and pray first and then practice and then I go to the ground at 10 in the morning and keep myself fit by doing practical exercises. 

MM News: Which is your favorite team in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2021 in UAE?

Malik Sher Khan: My favorite team is the same and that is Pakistan and we are not hoping that the Pakistan team is playing in this event, we are sure that the Pakistan team will bring World Cup.

MM News: What are the expectations from the PCB after the excellent performance in the field of cricket?

Malik Sher Khan: The PCB is requested to organize disability events as well as normal activities so that people with disabilities have access to sports opportunities.

MM News: How did you face disability and what kind of difficulties were they?

Malik Sher Khan: I contracted polio in my childhood which affected my leg and I used to walk lamely and often roared. Then my school principal made me a crutch and for the last 7 years, I have been walking on crutches.

MM News: How can you teach people with disabilities a lesson from your life?

Malik Sher Khan: We should give thanks to Allah Almighty in all circumstances, illness or disability is a test from Allah Almighty. You have to be thankful in every situation and think of yourself as capable, not disabled.

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