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Coronavirus death toll hits grim 900,000 mark worldwide

WASHINGTON: The number of coronavirus infection cases across the world has surged to 27,738,845 and the pandemic has so far claimed over 901,868 lives.

According to the latest data, 19,832,446 patients have recovered from the pandemic so far. The United States tops with nearly 6,514,231 cases and more than 194,032 deaths.

Brazil has reported over 4,165,124 cases and more than 127,517 deaths. Over 1,035,789 people have infected while 17,993 people died of the virus in Russia.

Peru has reported 696,190 cases while 30,123 deaths. Colombia has reported 679,513 cases while 21,817 death. Mexico has reported 68,484 deaths and 642,860 cases.

South Africa has become one of the top five worst-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic as the country reported over 640,441 infections. The country reported 15,086 deaths.

Spain has recorded 29,594 fatalities and 534,513 infections. More than 500,034 cases have been reported in Argentina while 10,405 succumbed to death. In Chile, nearly 425,541 cases were confirmed, including more than 11,682 deaths.

Meanwhile, the death toll is 22,542 in Iran as a confirmed number of cases is almost 391,112. The United Kingdom has reported 41,586 fatalities and 352,560 infections.

France has reported 30,764 deaths and 335,524 cases. Saudi Arabia has reported 322,237 cases of coronavirus, while 4,137 coronavirus deaths have been recorded.

Turkey reported 283,270 coronavirus cases and 6,782 fatalities. Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death at the end of February, has 35,563 fatalities, while 280,153 infections.

Germany has reported 9,409 deaths and 254,956 infections. Israel has reported 137,565 coronavirus cases while 1,040 deaths. Canada reported 9,153 fatalities and 133,748 infections due to coronavirus. 

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