Coronavirus death toll hits 873,000 worldwide

Sri Lanka lifts coronavirus lockdown, claims no community spread

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus pandemic has reported more than 26 million cases worldwide and up to 873,100 deaths.

The number of coronavirus infection cases across the world has surged to 26,471,948 and the pandemic has so far claimed over 873,228 lives. So far, 18,664,396 have been cured in the world and at present, the number of active cases is 6,932,642.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States has risen to more than 63.35 million, with 191,058 deaths.

Brazil is the second most affected country by the coronavirus, with more than 4,046,000 patients and 124,000 to 729 deaths.

India ranks third among the countries affected by coronavirus, with more than 3.93 million people affected and a total death toll of 68,569.

Russia is the fourth most affected country by the coronavirus, with more than 1,090,000 people infected and 17,528 deaths.

In Peru, more than 670,000 people have been affected and 29,405 have lost their lives. coronavirus has killed 20,618 people in Colombia and more than 641,000 cases have been reported.

The death toll from coronavirus in South Africa has risen to 14,563, with more than 633,000 people affected. More than 616,000 people have been affected in Mexico, with 66,329 deaths.

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